AMO Union - Member Services Department

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The American Maritime Officers Member Services Department is a service provided by AMO the union for all AMO members and applicants. Through the AMO Member Services Department, AMO members and applicants - via phone, e-mail and secure file transfer - can manage the information AMO the union has on file for them, review and update their professional profiles and documents on file, pay dues and obtain information pertaining to membership.

For information about AMO-contracted employment and job dispatching services, AMO members and applicants will need to contact the separate AMO Dispatching Department. The AMO Member Services Department is completely separate from and not directly integrated with any of the AMO benefit plans (such as medical, training and retirement).

The AMO Member Services staff includes Susan Scott, Carly Philipps, Maria Moffitt, Judy Sallaberry and Chris Rodriguez. The Member Services Department is responsible for establishing and maintaining membership records as they relate to applications, dues and initiation fees. In addition, AMO Member Services staff members assign applicant and book numbers, field questions from members and applicants, assemble recruiting packages and manage AMO union mailings to members and applicants.

AMO Member Services can directly assist AMO members and applicants with:

  • Managing professional information and documents on file with the union
  • Payment of dues and initiation fees
  • Updating contact information on file with AMO the union, including e-mail, phone and mailing address for all union mailings

AMO members and applicants who have issues with or questions about AMO benefit plans and benefit information received by mail from AMO Plans will need to contact the appropriate AMO benefit plan directly (a directory for AMO Plans offices is published on page 10). Neither the AMO Member Services Department nor any other department of AMO the union can address AMO benefit plan questions and issues.

Please note: Neither STAR Center nor other training facilities directly provide training records to the union. AMO members and applicants who complete training courses at STAR Center (or at a different training facility) are responsible for providing digital or physical copies of course completion certificates to Member Services to be included their profiles.

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