AMO Plans - STAR Center Student Services Department

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AMO members and applicants who have attended classes at STAR Center will know the Student Services team. Located on the fourth floor of the main STAR Center building, the team is composed of Lisa Marra (manager), Grace Chrisman (lead Student Services coordinator), Maria Steff and Julie Cevallos (Student Services coordinators). The team shares a phone extension (201) and an . The team's role is primarily to work with all AMO members to process their course applications and to coordinate lodging reservations at STAR Center with our Lodging Services staff.

For the past year, many classes have seen heavy demand and waiting lists have resulted, particularly Revalidation, certain deck upgrade courses and most MSC classes. Student Services works hard to provide those applying for classes with all the information they need prior to their arrival, including course information, assistance with multi-course scheduling and lodging requests. With most enrollments occurring three to four months in advance of a class, they also work to confirm class attendance two weeks prior to their start date.

All AMO members and applicants are required to confirm their attendance at that point so that any changes in circumstances can be addressed, and wait listed members accommodated when possible. A "No Show" policy was communicated to all members in December to help ensure that students on wait lists for courses at STAR Center are given the opportunity to take unexpectedly available slots in the courses they need. It applies to students who have registered for a course, and confirmed that they will be attending, but who are unable to attend the course due to unforeseen circumstances. As a reminder, students enrolled and confirmed for course attendance must notify STAR Center at least 48 hours in advance if they will not be able to attend.

Here are some representative tasks:

  • Answer questions posed by AMO Members and Applicants regarding their training and license processes and requirements
  • Process STAR Center class applications in accordance with STAR Center's policies and procedures
  • Process non-resident training applications and reimbursement requests
  • Maintain required training records and course documentation (all other documents, including credentials, passports, TWIC, etc. are maintained by the AMO union Member Services team, which is separate from STAR Center and Student Services)
  • Enroll approved student(s) into requested course(s) and confirm course attendance
  • Process room reservation requests for students requiring onsite accommodation in accordance with STAR Center's policies and procedures

ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System - Certificate No. 33975