STAR Center adds five-day Military Sealift Command Anti-Terrorism Officer II (Afloat) course to regular schedule

STAR Center is pleased to announce Military Sealift Command (MSC) has approved the addition of the five-day Anti-Terrorism Officer II (Afloat) course to the regular course schedule for members and applicants of American Maritime Officers.

This course will provide anti-terrorism officers with the knowledge required to be the primary advisor to a vessel's master in matters of Anti-Terrorism (AT) and to effectively assess, plan, execute and manage an AT program.

The course is open to all AMO members/applicants assigned to MSC vessels who require this training in support of their onboard duties.

Topics covered include the concepts and principles of defense in-depth to detect, deter, defend against a terrorist attack, or mitigation of such an attack; anti-terrorism tactics, techniques and procedures; the development of AT plans; management of afloat AT program; conducting risk assessments; and AT Awareness Training and Personal Protection Plans. The course will also cover prerequisite requirements for Anti-Terrorism Officer Level 1 certification.

ATO II certification will need to be renewed every three years. Scheduled course dates for 2023 are:

Any questions regarding this course should be directed to STAR Center Director of Training Jerry Pannell at 1-800-942-3220 Ext. 7507 or via .

Enrollment questions or applications should be directed to Student Services at 1-800-942-3220 Ext. 201 or via .