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Pacific Tracker serves critical role in saving life of sailor in medical distress during a boat race

Second Mate Ben Rowland, Chief Mate A.J. Quinn and Second Assistant Engineer Dave Veldkamp operated the fast rescue boat to retrieve the sailor and return him to the Pacific Tracker for a medical evacuation by the U.S. Coast Guard.

The Pacific Tracker served a critical role in saving the life of a sailor who suffered medical complications during a sailboat race off the coast of California on July 10.

The Pacific Tracker had just finished a government mission and was conducting post mission operations when Captain Jeff Royer received a call from the U.S. Coast Guard explaining an emergency situation had developed in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, said Chief Mate A.J. Quinn.

The Coast Guard relayed that a crewmember on a sailboat named Perplexity had been suffering an uncontrollable nosebleed for the previous four days. The Perplexity was participating in the annual Pacific Cup, a sailboat race that goes from California to Hawaii.

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